Barbra Streisand as an Arab Princess

Glamour magazine had assigned me to photograph Barbra Streisand, who was not well-known then, but the magazines felt she was ‘hot,’ as they say. I kept getting the runaround from her, and finally telephoned her in Lake Tahoe where she was performing. I told her, ‘Look Barbra, I’m probably just as good a photographer as you are a singer, so let’s get real!’ She seemed to respond to that, and asked me where I wanted to photograph her when she came to L.A. I said, ‘Any place except in front of a microphone.’

Close-up of a princess

Close-up of a princess, 1963

She made a date for the pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and I went over on my lunch hour from My Fair Lady. She was late, but finally came out with a ‘beehive’ hairdo, and a strange young man, whom I later discovered was her husband, Elliott Gould.

She was very cooperative, and I made her look like an Arab Princess with towels, since the cabanas at the hotel pool looked like Middle Eastern tents. We had a good time, and when she was asked by Look magazine to be photographed with her new baby years later, she told them she wanted me. By then she was a big star, so Look brought a West Coast photographer back to New York, which was a first for me.”


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